Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ginger Bread House

Our church held a Gingerbread House building event, which I knew the girls would enjoy.  For years, I have seen the kits in the store, but have never purchased one.  It seemed like a messy craft and this Mom tends to avoid "messy" anything.  I am all about clean and tidy.

I was surprised that the craft was not messy and barely sticky, clean up was a breeze.  The girls played nice together.  No altercations about candy or placement came up.  Yay for well behaved little girls.

Our little house looked pretty good, as long as you did not compare it to our competition.  A few families went all out.  Whereas we showed up with our self contained kit and a spatula, others needed rolling carts to bring in all their house building supplies.

But unfortunately . . . . 

a big wind struck and our little house didn't make it.

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