Sunday, March 10, 2013

Zoku Quick Pops - Product Review

Our family absolutely loves the Zoku Quick Pop Maker.

What is a Zoku Quick Pop Maker you ask?  Well, it is this amazing little, in just 8 minutes, you have a frozen treat maker.  I am not talking about crappy popsicles made out of cool aid.  I am talking about amazing looking and tasting frozen whole food good for you treats!  Don't worry.  Zoku has a fantastic recipe book to go with the pop maker.  Lots and lots of fun, creative and tasty recipes.  

This is how it works. Very simple. The Zoku pop maker lives in the freezer.  When you are ready to use it, pull it out, add a stick and pour in the liquid.  Wait 8 to 10 minutes and use the super tool, as they call it and remove the frozen treat.  It is that simple and fast.  The Zoku pop maker holds enough cold to do three cycles. 

This is the maker.  It comes in a single, a double or a triple.  I have the double, pictured above.  I can make 6 pops before the unit gets to warm to be use and needs to be returned to the freezer. 

This is the recipe book.  The Zoku pop maker does come with instructions and a few recipes but this book is a must.  Every recipe has a picture.  This book also gives an abundance of advice and ideas to get the most from the pop maker.

The Zoku Character Kit makes the pops supper fun and cute.  
Can you say, Rock Star Mom!  
This is a fun accessory, but not needed.  

These pops made using the Zoku Character Kit.

Zoku Tool Kit.  
Another not needed accessory, but fun to have and use.

These pops were made using the Zoku Tool Kit

Oh, My!
This is the Dipping station.
It allows you to perfectly dip each pop.  
The dipping station gives each pop a professional looking appearance.
The dipping station can be used with Magic Shell.

These pops were decorated using the Zoku Dipping Station.

The storage case
Look how pretty the pops look.

Extra Sticks with drip catch guards.

All of the above pictures were taken from the Zoku website.  You can purchase directly from Zoku or my personal favorite,

In time I will be posting recipes and pictures of pops the girls and I have made.

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