Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple Sandwich

I saw this idea on Pinterest and because I am an awesome mom and I knew my oldest, R, would love this, it is now, what's in her school lunch.

It is healthy!  Lots of protein and fiber, without the highly processed, chemical filled, no nutritional value of bread.

Peanut Butter

Cut off ends of apple
Slice into 4 slices
Use cute little cutters to punch out the core
Spread with peanut butter

Easy Pezzy, Lemon Squeezy, just the way making school lunches should be.

Happy Mom, Happy Daughter.

The two middle slices have more core.  Use the cute punch. 
The two end slices have a little core.  Use a knife to remove.

Spread peanut butter.

Here is pictured the front and back.
No peanut butter squishing out.


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